Behind the Scenes of the Fall Play


Iowa Central Community College is working hard adding the final touches to the fall theater production, “Falling Awake”. Teresa Jackson, the director, describes the whole process as both exhausting, energizing, and rewarding.

Teresa Jackson and theater students start reading plays beginning in May and have a play chosen by July! They are searching for the play that best fits the students’ talent while also being appropriate for the audience of Fort Dodge. Throughout the rest of the summer, a set is designed, and the audition packet is prepared and sent to students! Teresa also shares her ideas and wants with the students.

During the second day of classes, auditions are held! While reading the script, Teresa imagines how she wants each character to sound, act, and look in the play. During auditions, she keeps this in mind as she listens to each student.

“I’m like an actors-director, I come at it from an actor perspective,” Teresa described when asked how she handles casting. Teresa believes that casting is one of her strengths–casting individuals into the correct parts and pushing them to where they need to be. She knows who is fit for specific roles once she hears their voice.

Rehearsals are happening left and right to help prepare this beautiful and heart-warming production! Everything from costumes to make-up and stage microphones and lights have been in the works since practice began. Teresa’s mind is constantly moving on how to keep improving the play!

Teresa Jackson’s favorite part about being the director is the students and the creativity she witnesses. Each year when students leave, she is sad to see the talent go but each year brings new talent also!  

“It is exciting to see them shine” plus I would rather do this than grade papers!

After the conclusion of this play, the crazy busy schedule continues with the start of the spring musical! “The creative process is never-ending,” Teresa concluded.

Karlee Ihde

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