For your health and the Planet, take the Stairs- By Kervens Warnon


Regularly going up and down stairs is associated with lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It is also, potentially, a saving of the equivalent of the electricity consumption of a large city like Bordeaux.

Ten thousand steps and more. How many times a week do you take the stairs instead of the elevator, to go up or at least down a few floors? And for those who work in a modern building, do you even know where the stairwells are? At a time when active modes of transport (walking, cycling, etc.) is asserting themselves as a valuable tool for public health and ecological transition, it is time to investigate this modality which is the ascent or descent of ‘stairs.

In terms of health, the benefits of stairs are indisputable.

“The physical activity currently considered to be the most beneficial for health must combine cardiorespiratory work and muscle strengthening and this is the case with climbing stairs”, underlines sports cardiologist François Carré (CHU de Rennes).

Michelle Tjaden

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