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Emma OlsonApril 17, 2019


1.) Your mind is your greatest enemy.

2.) Over-thinking made me lose everything.

3.) Why don’t I recognize these walls?

4.) One less person games kill them.

5.) All I can do is try.

6.) Trying never seems to be enough.

7.) Goodbyes last forever in sad moments.

8.) “I love him,” “No you don’t.”

9.) Even flowers wilt after some time.

10.) Some pain you can’t work through.

11.) Smiling hides the pain I feel.

12.) Music drowns out all the screaming.

13.) Reading transports me through different lives.

14.) I’ve learned I can’t cry anymore.

15.) The beeping of the machine stopped.

16.) I never got to say goodbye.

17.) Loving someone is life’s greatest adventure.

18.) He’s the highlighter, I’m the pen.

19.) Acting helps me practice for life.

20.) I just want to see you.

21.) Sadness drowns me, happiness is gone.

Emma OlsonFebruary 26, 2019


I look in the mirror at the strings which surround my head. Each string is either black or white, but they all have a different color which matches with the emotions behind each string. From the many years I’ve seen them, I’ve somewhat figured out what the colors mean. I’ve noticed, as well, that after every choice I make a new string appears. Typically, black is the bad choices I have made and the white are the good choices. I focus on my eyes as I finish my morning routine before I get ready to leave the house.

I put my earbuds in and turn some music on. This is the only way for me to drown out the sounds coming from everyone else. It’s annoying, but it gets me through the day. People leave me alone because of it, I don’t mind, anyone who gets to close causes the colors and noises to get louder. I always put on sunglasses before I step out into the world for another day of school and work.

My playlist is on shuffle, and today it decided to play one of the sad songs I have on the playlist. I’ve noticed that my mood makes certain strings appear more bright. It’s scientifically proven that music affects a person’s mood, which holds true for me. A person walks a little too close and a low hum starts to push past my earbuds while the purple surrounding various strings glows a little brighter than the others. Purple, it seems is sadness. I duck my head a little lower and continue walking towards my goal. This is my day to day routine.

This ability is a curse, I can see right through anyone who gets to close. It’s hard to drown out the sound and it almost drives me to insanity. So I stay away from everyone. Not that they can get close to me anyways. These padded walls keep me safe from everyone except myself. So I sit wallowing in my emotions and hope for the day I can escape the world around me.

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