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StaffOctober 14, 2019


On Wednesday night, Sept. 18 the Iowa Central Community College organized a Bingo Night, where approximately 600 students were there to try to win prizes. It was the second bingo event since the beginning of the school year. 

What is a “bingo”? Bingo is a game of chance that is unbelievably famous, with its simple rules and a few strategies. Several numbers are drawn and announced one after the other. Players write down the numbers on a card provided for this purpose. The first player to get a pattern wins. 

The schematics are chosen by the announcer. The announcer has chosen 7 different schematics. 

The player has a grid where various numbers are noted. Each play represents one schematic, and sometimes between 2 or 3 players win, except for the 2 last prizes. This last Wednesday, students have been fulfilled because, approximately 12 prizes were to be won. 

For this second night, university staff members have increased the value of the prizes. The smallest prize was 6 t-shirts and the biggest prize was a pair of headphones. 

There was variation in prizes, including a TV, vacuum, and fridge, as well as discount coupons to buy something in the bookstore or have a subscription on Netflix. Food was also available to win. 

Bingo is not just a game for the elderly. Campus Students spent an evening surrounded by their friends trying to win prizes. 

According to the testimony of one student, “It’s cool to get together with friends after a long day of classes and training. Especially when there are gifts, the game gets more interesting.”

Karlee IhdeOctober 14, 2019


  1. Find a winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

To help stay warm during winter weather, be sure to find these four key items! If needed, the Triton Closet has a variety of sizes and styles of coats, hats, mittens, and scarves for students. The Triton Closet is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Triton Closet is also accepting donations as well!

2. Dress in layers.

3. Carry extra clothing items with you/in your car.

4. Have a shovel and/or ice melt in your trunk to help get your car out after a snowstorm.

5. Invest in an Ice Scraper to have clean windows so you can drive safely.

6. Keep your gas tank at ½ full or above, just in case you end up stranded to help keep your car running and heat working.

7. Snow boots will provide warmth and more traction if sidewalks are icy.

8. If there are frigid temperatures, stay inside.

Karlee IhdeSeptember 10, 2019


Are you looking for fun-filled activities to do this fall? Of course, you are! As we are all settled into our dorms and our class filled routines, we feel the need to take a breather and have some fun! Below are 10 things to do this fall before the snow flies!

1. Visit an apple orchard!

Apple Orchards are the perfect spot to wear jeans and a cozy sweater while finding fresh, delicious apples and other goodies! Visiting an apple orchard can be an awesome spot to bond with new roommates or to catch up with old friends!

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Similar to the apple orchard, there will be tons of activities and things to see! While you are there, be sure to grab a few pictures to post or for a new profile picture! 

3. Tailgate a football game

Are you looking for a time to hang with friends? Have lots of good laughs and memories to look back on once you tailgate a football game! 

4. Carve a pumpkin

After you visit that pumpkin patch, be sure to carve your pumpkin! If you didn’t bring knives with you to college, take a permanent marker and draw your image! Be creative, be spooky! 

5. Get spooked in a haunted house

Grab some friends and take a night to visit a haunted house! A good freight is always a good time! You can never scream or laugh too much! 

6. Drink apple cider! 

You can never go wrong with a hot cup of apple cider for a drink! This warm, fall drink will leave your mouth watering and wanting more! 

7. Eat pumpkin pie! 

Or any pie really! In the fall, there are plenty of delicious desserts and other foods to relieve the sweet tooth! Plus, it will leave your kitchen smelling delicious! 

8. Rewatch your favorite Halloween movies 

Grab that cup of apple cider, your favorite PJs, and a bunch of Halloween movies! Scary or not, there is always time to sit down and relax! 

9. Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving 

While most will be going home for Thanksgiving, be sure to have a Friendsgiving with your friends here! Find someone to bring to necessary foods or even just your favorite Thanksgiving foods and have a feast! Remember to think about what you are thankful for! 

10. Start Christmas Shopping 

Once late fall is here, shopping deals are here and you can get an early start on the Christmas gifts for your loved ones! 

Emma OlsonMarch 6, 2019


This semester of college has been filled with plenty of delays and cancellations. With cancellations and delays, a certain question may arise. What to do? There are many different ways to keep busy: homework, going out with friends, reading a book, watching t.v., and many more. However, the weather has been horrible recently and may cause some to be stuck in doors, which takes some options away. If the other options are getting a bit old, try doing something new. Try a new craft, like crochet, knitting, perler beads, and more. Chase away the endless days, and you’ll be rewarded with the finished product.

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