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Iowa Central Community College offers a variety of scholarships that are waiting to be claimed. All scholarship applications are due by March 31, 2018 unless otherwise noted per requirements.

All scholarships can be found by visiting Did you know that there are three categories of 2018-2019 scholarships? These categories include Foundation, General, and External.

The most common is the Foundation Scholarships. Many individuals, organizations, and businesses donate money to Iowa Central for students that could benefit from financial assistance. Iowa Central, or the person who donated the money, ultimately decide who is awarded these funds. Important to note is that many of these scholarships have specific criteria that need to be fulfilled, so you may not qualify for every scholarship. Do not let that discourage you though, because applying for one at least gives you the possibility of financial assistance. As you go through the list of the Foundation Scholarships, you can click on the titles to read more about the donors criteria. There are 81 scholarships available on this page, and many of them apply to people based on what county they live in, where they graduated high school, academics, athletics, and what programs they are majoring in. At the top of the 2018-2019 Foundation Scholarships page you will find an application. Fill this out with scholarships that you qualify for and turn it into the business office.

The next category is General Iowa Central Scholarships. Iowa Central offers scholarships based on academic, departmental, activity, and athletics. From this list you can view the criteria for being eligible to live in the academic housing dorms on campus. Also depending on what activities or athletics you are involved in there will be many scholarship amounts given that vary. You can apply for the General Scholarship Application by clicking on the file linked at the top of that page.

The final scholarship opportunity listed on the Iowa Central website are the External Scholarships. These are funds that are given by organizations, businesses, and individuals for students. When you click on a scholarship to read more about it, the amount of money, requirements, deadline, application, and the contact information will be provided. It is important to note that each scholarship has a different deadline, and a different application that must be filled out. Most of the scholarships listed on this page have deadlines ranging from March to June 2018, and many of them are approaching quickly. To apply for any of these scholarships, just visit the form link attached to the individual scholarship.

Remember that deadlines are approaching quickly, so visit the scholarship tab on the Iowa Central website to get started today!


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