History has been made at Iowa Central — by Joanielys Ortiz

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022 at Iowa Central was the first time ever they had women wrestling.According to Iowa Central Instagram page Diana Pineda scored the first win ever at Hodges Field House and battled 24-24 to tie  Iowa Western and with the tie breaker going to Reivers with six match wins to the Tritons fell to the Reivers,13-27.

Iowa Central has opened the door to women wrestling and the athletes have responded.

Women wrestling has given students just another great reason to come to Iowa Central to study and join the team. Also women now are breaking glass ceilings as the can do sports that were only ever offered to men.Wrestling can be a very hard sport to do but women are very powerful and they can do anything.

If you are an Iowa Central athlete or student, make sure that for the next women’s wrestling meet you go and support them because it is the first time ever in the Iowa Central history that they now have a women wrestling team. Is very obvious that all the girls worked very hard and trained very hard to give their best at every match.

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Photo was taken by Paul Decoursey

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