Entertainment News- By Joanielys Ortiz

Selena Gomez is more open about how badly she struggles with her bipolar disorder.

She mentioned that she had suicidal thoughts and has been checked into 4 treatment centers. She says that when she was in her twenties that is when she got very bad and was in dark places, she also said she did not feel like she was in control.

In an interview, she mentioned that she was having extreme highs and lows for weeks or even months. Her darkest moment was in 2018 when she was having thoughts about how the world would be better without her. She was on a lot of meds that year which helped her, but she felt like it was not herself.

She also talked about how a couple of years ago, the fans started drama on how Hailey Bieber stole Justin from her saying how bad that made her feel, but as of today, she does not have a bad relationship with Hailey.


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