Game Night & Raffle – By Brandon Fisher

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The event went off like many others with  greeters at the front, snacks and sign ups inside. The atmosphere was different as soon as you walk in. The smiles on people’s faces that greet you and not fake ones ether. You could see the joy on their face as they asked you how your day was and encourage you to take something to eat during the event and it didn’t stop there. 

Once it started, the raffle began and there were people laughing and cheering. It could be heard as gift cards, restaurant cards, and plain cash was given away.  After a word from Kelly, the assistant of the event, the games started. The first was trivia and for this, for question answered right the person got 50 dollars. There were three questions so everyone struggled to find the answers while some laughed at all the confusion.

Next was Kahoot.  The first place winner got 100 dollars and the only thing everyone had to do was solve simple brain teasers;  apparently even that proved difficult for some.

As the night went on more and more prizes where given, games where played, and laughs shared but the night was coming to an end so the host on stage gave everyone some encouraging words and wished everyone a good night.

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