Pack a Bag Efficiently and Simply — By Magali Mouton


Every person has already experienced the torture of hours for packing a bag or suitcase because, you have too many clothes or you do not know what to take. You might want to know, how is it possible to pack a bag simply and efficiently?

To start, you might think about the destination, and the time you will stay there. It will help you to determine how many stuffs you will need to take with you and what kind of clothes. If you are going to a warm place, such as South America, you might want to take a swimsuit or shorts for example, and you won’t have to put a winter jacket in your bag. I travelled, one time to Russia and did not check the weather according to the season, and end up having only sweatshirts, whereas it was hot outside. Since then, I learned and never did the same mistake again.

I also recommend making a list. Ask yourself the question: What do I really need? It will help you to have an idea and organize your mind on what you want to take with you. When I travel, I wrote down everything I think of and separate them by categories, for example, bathrooms stuffs, underwear, shirts, pants, electronics, money… And now because of the COVID-19 situation, you might think about hand sanitizers and mask. This list will help you to not forget anything.

But the best way, is to pack common item together, and in plastics bags. It helps to ensure that you do not leave anything behind, and pack everything you need. I like to use bags that called magic bag which help me to gain space. I use them every time I need to take the airplane, because when you travel by flight, every inch of space is important. There are bags, when you are done putting your clothes in, you close it and vacuum seal it, which compress everything inside and taking up less space in bag. Then, I can take 2 or 3 extra shirts. You can find this kind of bags in any mall. You might also need to be careful about putting heavy item first, and put fragile items in the middle, to protect them.

Once you have done all these steps, you might need to do a checkup if you have everything. Ask yourself “do I really need everything I took?” which will help you to recap what you packed already, and what you might forget.

Packing a suitcase is not that hard but requires a minimum of organization and because my main experience of travelling, I hope this would help you for the next time you travel. Hopefully, we can travel again soon!


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