Is Tom Brady the greatest NFL player of all time? — By 88.1’s News Director Saxon Wirtz

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Tom Brady is, and has been for a while, a household name that everyone has at least heard of–even if you don’t pay much attention to football. That may be because he’s been in the NFL for a little more than two decades, but we all know his outstanding talent has a lot to do with it too. With having the most Super Bowl rings out of any player in history, he holds the record at six, but that can all be changed this Sunday during the 55th Super Bowl showdown. 

Brady was originally drafted in 2000 by the New England Patriots in the 6th round, but more notably, he was the 199th pick. Shortly after being drafted, Brady’s first Super Bowl appearance was in 2002, where the Patriots won 20-17 against the Rams, and since then, Brady has won five more Super Bowl rings. His latest victory was in 2019 where the Patriots once again, took on the Rams and won 13-3. This ended up being his last year as a New England Patriot, because starting in 2020, he would be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

With the use of his non-comparable talent, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady still holds numerous records to this day. It would be nice to talk about all the NFL records he’s shattered, but that would take too much time considering he holds more than 50. The most noticeable achievements throughout his career include being named the Super Bowl MVP four different times (2002, 2004, 2015, and 2017), and he has had the most Super Bowl appearances out of any other player with ten, including this year. These two records are admirable by nature, but don’t even touch base on the dozens of his regular and postseason accomplishments. 

To conclude, there’s no denying that Tom Brady has paved his way into NFL history and into our lives. He is the greatest, if not one of the best, NFL players the world has ever seen, so let’s see if Brady can add a seventh ring to his collection by winning this year’s Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa, Florida. Let’s also see if he can extend his record of being the Super Bowl MVP to five times. Make sure to tune into the Super Bowl this Sunday at 5:30 P.M. CST to experience what’s going to happen.

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