Webster County Has a New Sheriff in Town — By News Director Saxon Wirtz for KICB on 88.1

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As most people know, the cut-off time for voting in the general election was Tuesday at 9 P.M. On this election’s ballot, Webster County residents had the option of choosing either Republican Sgt. Luke Fleener or Democrat Sgt. Tony Walter to be the new county sheriff.

After a long night of counting votes, it was determined that Luke Fleener won this election by a landslide with a total of 10,421 votes; meanwhile, Tony Walter had a total of 6,715 votes. Fleener  has thirty years of law enforcement experience, and he will be succeeding Jim Stubbs, who has been a sheriff for the past eight years. The new sheriff’s main goal is to not disappoint the people who elected him, while providing the county with the best service possible.

A county sheriff’s term lasts four years, and that rule varies from state to state. In Iowa, there is no limit for how many times someone can run for county sheriff, so in the meantime, Luke Fleener  will be the county sheriff for at least four years.

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