Virtual Learning Spotlight: Lauren Roemer

Lauren Roemer

Lauren Roemer is a freshman and majors in Psychology. Her hometown is Bettendorf, Iowa.


What has your experience been like with virtual classes? 

Some things I like about the virtual classes is that most of my teachers record their lectures on the video chat so if I want to go back and rewatch or get re-taught the lesson again, I can, and then get an even better understanding. I feel it’s a lot more difficult for hands-on learners because we typically do better with in-person learning, and face to face time we get more when we are on campus.


How are you keeping in touch with friends?

I’m keeping in touch with my friends and peers with text and video calls.


What activities are you doing to fill your time? 

Some activities I’m doing while quarantined at home are bribing some crafts or getting my life more organized in ways I can.


Anything beneficial about being ‘stuck’ at home? 

Some benefits to being at home is that I have caught a lot up on things like deep cleaning my room, catching up with family, or finally getting around to unfinished projects/things I’ve needed to get around to doing.


What’s the first thing you are going to do after social distancing has ended?

First thing I’m going to do is hangout with my friends in my hometown and do everything we couldn’t do while quarantined

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