Virtual Learning Spotlight: Karhyn Alcantara

Karhyn Alcantara

Karhyn Alcantara is a sophomore and majors in Criminal Justice. Her hometown is Stratford, IA.

What has your experience been like with virtual classes? 

My experience with the virtual classes hasn’t been the best. I struggle because one of my classes is Public Speaking so the majority of it is speeches. I took this class face to face because I dropped it the semester before this spring semester because I didn’t like the online structure of it. To me, performing speeches is way easier to do so when people are right there in front of me. So I am a little overwhelmed with how my final grade may be.


How are you keeping in touch with friends?

I am trying to keep in touch with my friends by sending messages back and forth and video chatting, I’m kind of struggling with that as well because everything was kind of just thrown at all of us at once.


What activities are you doing to fill your time? 

The things I am doing to fill the time consist of trying to work ahead in my class, going on walks with my two puppies, coloring, watching funny videos, making earrings, talking with my family online and listening to music when I feel overwhelmed.

Anything beneficial about being ‘stuck’ at home? 

The one thing beneficial about being ‘stuck’ at home is that I get to be around my dogs more.


What’s the first thing you are going to do after social distancing has ended?

The first thing I am going to do is go see my grandma!! I miss her so much it’s killing me not to be around her!

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