Iowa Central Women’s Volleyball take on Kirkwood – by Trinity LaKose


On a rainy Sunday afternoon, the Iowa Central Triton Women’s Volleyball team faced off against the Kirkwood Eagles. The game began like any other, Triton’s were dominating, points seemed to come too easily to the scoreboard and every spike seemed to solidify victory. You could feel the tension close in as Kirkwood began to step up their game near the end of the second set.

The solid smack of a ball continuously hitting unguarded Triton territory echoed in the minds of everyone as the Eagles slowly regained ground. The points volleyed back and forth between the two teams, victory would seem so close and then jump just out of reach. Everyone was on their feet at the end, all eyes on the players who would break the 24-24 score. It all seemed to end far too quickly and Triton supporters turned their eyes to a scoreboard that read 26 Eagles and Triton’s falling short at 24. Still the game was extremely well played and you could tell the bond of sisterhood held these girls together as more than teammates.

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