Do You Miss Me?


You walked away today

I keep waiting for your call

I thought this was love

Do you miss me?

I saw your name on a text today

They asked where you’ve been

When I’ll see you again

Do you miss me?

I saw your photo today

As I scrolled through my feed

You were smiling like a fool

Do you miss me?

I thought of you today

We used to sit in that booth

Now the coffee shop is lonely

Do you miss me?

Our song came on 

I guess the radio doesn’t know

My heart hurt a little

Do you miss me?

The movie was good

Sharing popcorn with myself

Who knew it felt like this

Do you miss me?

Long walks on the trails

Only my thoughts for company

My heart is heavier than my feet

Do you miss me?

The party was fun

But I felt out of place

Single in a crowd of couples

Do you miss me?

I went to your work

What was I thinking

You weren’t there to see

Do you miss me?

The reunion was nice

My sister showed off her ring

No one asked about mine

Do you miss me?

One day I’ll move on

My heart won’t have cracks

Love will find me once more

Do I miss you?

Blind dates aren’t so bad

I was nervous, he was kind

I think we’ll go out again

Do I miss you?

He asked for my hand today

A ring on my finger

A song in my heart

Do I miss you?

I stopped waiting for your call

I’m don’t miss you anymore

I found who I was looking for

I hope you miss me now.

Elizabeth Chavers

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