A Collection of Various 6 Word Stories


1.) Your mind is your greatest enemy.

2.) Over-thinking made me lose everything.

3.) Why don’t I recognize these walls?

4.) One less person games kill them.

5.) All I can do is try.

6.) Trying never seems to be enough.

7.) Goodbyes last forever in sad moments.

8.) “I love him,” “No you don’t.”

9.) Even flowers wilt after some time.

10.) Some pain you can’t work through.

11.) Smiling hides the pain I feel.

12.) Music drowns out all the screaming.

13.) Reading transports me through different lives.

14.) I’ve learned I can’t cry anymore.

15.) The beeping of the machine stopped.

16.) I never got to say goodbye.

17.) Loving someone is life’s greatest adventure.

18.) He’s the highlighter, I’m the pen.

19.) Acting helps me practice for life.

20.) I just want to see you.

21.) Sadness drowns me, happiness is gone.

Emma Olson

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