Book Group = Funny Evenings


The Book Group is a space for Iowa Central students to read and socialize Image: Laurel County Public Library 2022

The Book Group was created for students who like to read or are interested in reading more, it is a good environment to read with friends and have some good discussions about literature.

Two years ago, Darien Walsh reactivated it and the group have weekly sessions on Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

“The intention is to help foster and encourage a space where reading is fun and not something strict or boring.” – Walsh, the facilitator of the Book Group.

In the sessions the participants commonly put to music, and eat snacks, the main purpose is to make the reading fun and enjoyable.

“We can learn a lot about each other and ourselves from the books we read, and I would love for students to see the fun in reading.” – Walsh


If you are interested in joining the Book Group, you can contact them through

Instagram: @iowacentralrwc


Luzmary Caribay Diaz Castill

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