ICCC Women’s Basketball Comes out on Top Against Iowa Lakes

On Jan. 24, the Triton women’s basketball team faced off against the Iowa Lakes Lakers, winning the game with a close score of 63-59. While the Triton women established an early lead in the first quarter with 24 points to Iowa Lakes’ 13, ICCC’s point totals fluctuated in the last three quarters of the game, having earned anywhere from 11 to 15 points in each following quarter. Meanwhile, the Lakers showed consistency in the first three quarters that led a comeback by the final quarter of the game. The Triton women spent the final quarter of the game closely fighting against the Lakers’, both teams mirroring each other’s energy as the Lakers struggled to get ahead. Luckily, the Tritons maintained their foothold.


The game started with a solid foundation of hustle, drive, and persistence from the Triton women. Brittany West brought the Tritons to the scoreboard by scoring the first basket of the game, a three-pointer. Shortly afterwards, Sarah Rolling added to this by making both of her free throw shots. Iowa Central’s success with free throws was a huge contribution to the game; making over 80% of their shots. Iowa Lakes had scored two points after this, to which ICCC responded by scoring another three-pointer and a succession of drives to the basket resulting in two-pointers. Early on, Iowa Lakes began a full court press defense, to which Iowa Central continued to show great cooperation and determination as they pushed forward in their score.


At the second quarter, we saw the 11-point gap that ICCC had enjoyed in the first quarter begin to deplete. Although the Lakers had suffered a turnover early in the quarter, they managed to retrieve the ball, scoring 2-points to start off the quarter. Again, free throws by ICCC continued to nudge our score forward. Brittany West, Sarah Rolling, and Emma O’Donoghue all contributed through their made free throws. Although small mistakes began to surface from both teams, ICCC kept their lead through this quarter, although they were ahead only by 8-points as they entered halftime.


In the third quarter, both teams scored 15-points, which kept ICCC ahead while failing to affirm a lead like they had in the first quarter. ICCC’s score progressed, but Iowa Lakes was right there with them. ICCC continued to shoot three-pointers and free throws while Iowa Lakes drove ahead by making consistent 2-point shots. ICCC pushed a tight defense, yet Iowa Lakes scored a 3-pointer. After this, with Iowa Lakes showing little sign of giving in, ICCC called a time out. Shortly afterwards, the Lakers made free throw points and implemented a full court press. ICCC again saw small mistakes, but the women held it together by working with each other and keeping a positive attitude throughout the game.


In the final quarter, Iowa Lakes grew tremendously by scoring a total of 18 points opposed to Iowa Central’s 13. The fourth quarter was in part made by a multitude of free throws, fouls, and time outs. At times, the two teams were a mere basket or so apart from each other. It became easy to see how a good run from either competitor could shape the outcome of the game. ICCC managed to keep their lead by fighting tooth and nail with the Lakers right until the end, showing perseverance and a drive to succeed.

Jordan Ludwig

I'm a nineteen-year-old psychology major from Lake City, Iowa who enjoys music, horror, and writing. Self-proclaimed intermediate cat whisperer and tracker who dabbles in cheese plate artistry.

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