Russia and the Ukraine – By Kyle Beck


Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise as Russia continues military drills. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been on thin ice throughout the last couple months, but now Ukraine is fearing the worst. According to the NY Times “Thousands of Russian troops on Thursday began 10 days of exercises in Belarus, and Ukraine warned of upcoming Russian naval drills so extensive they would block shipping lanes, as the Kremlin continued to tighten its military vise on Ukraine”. Considering the actions the U.S. and many other countries have been taking the past couple weeks, these drills performed by Russia only add to the stress and potential danger. Not to mention the threat of possible shipping lanes being shut down. The NY Times also went on to say “But the intensifying Russian military activity north, east and south of Ukraine gave an ominous undertone to the diplomatic scramble. Satellite images collected on Wednesday and Thursday revealed new deployments of Russian military equipment and troops in Crimea, western Russia and Belarus”. It’s truly a frightening situation that’s unfolding in front of our eyes. The possibility of war isn’t out of the question although it definitely isn’t a desired outcome. However, only time will tell and hopefully tensions deescalate.

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