U.S. Voter Registration Day

Today, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020, is United States Voter Registration Day. Voter Registration Day is celebrated every fourth Tuesday of September. Throughout the country, you will find many volunteers sitting in public locations to help make sure you are registered to vote and ready for election day!

Listed below are the registration deadlines:

Online: October 24

By mail: Received by October 24

Return in person: October 24 by 5:00 p.m.


Absentee ballot deadlines:

Request: October 24 by 5:00 p.m.

Return by mail: received by November 3rd

Return in person: November 3rd by close of polls


Early voting is held on Oct. 5 through Nov. 2. Dates and hours depend on your location. You can also register and vote on Election Day and on the absentee ballot at the same time after Oct. 24 through Nov. 2.

For more information about National Voter Registration Day, visit https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/.

Karlee Ihde

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