Scholarships are due THIS week!


Hey Tritons! This is your final reminder that ALL scholarship applications are due by March 31, 2019 unless otherwise noted.


Thinking about applying for scholarships? There is still time for the 2019-2020 scholarship deadline, but it’s only five short days away! Scholarships are an excellent opportunity to receive aid for the next school year. Every student should at least fill out the general Iowa Central Scholarship form.

The Iowa Central 2019-2020 Scholarship guide is split into three different categories: General, Foundation, and External.



Scholarships are offered for academics, departmental, activities, and athletic. Criteria varies for each scholarship you apply for, and some may require letters of recommendation.

You can follow this link to view the different General scholarships Iowa Central offers to students, and to apply:



Various businesses, organizations, and individuals donate their money to Iowa Central with the intention of financially assisting students. These awards are made by Iowa Central, or the donor of the scholarship. These awards often have donor specific criteria where they are placed upon need, or for specific programs the student must be enrolled in.

Follow this link to view the various scholarships listed by generous donors, and apply for the ones that best suit you and your specific needs.



Organizations, business, and individuals’ external of Iowa Central also offer scholarships to students. Summarized of the scholarship are included as well as the contact information for the person, organization, or business that will be awarding these scholarships. Often times these scholarships require letters of recommendation, and various other designated items throughout the application process. It is in your best interest to contact the person awarding the scholarship, and contact them about your interest directly.

Follow this link to follow the various external scholarships available:


If you have questions about which scholarships to apply for, or the application process, please contact your adviser as soon as possible! Scholarships are due this Sunday, March 31st. There will be no exceptions unless designated by the person awarding the scholarship. You can turn in your scholarship forms to admissions located in the Student Support Services building (SSS). It is in your best interest to turn in your scholarship forms ahead of time before there is limited access to admissions over the regular weekend hours.

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